Adin provides and develops its own hardware solutions. It collaborates with companies specialized in microprogramming and construction. With their help we can construct devices from idea to end product.

With TSmedia we cooperate in the field of digital communication. With the help of their experienced team and us we create new products and the business challenges.


Through continuous training and upgrading of skills they follow the global trends of the IT industry, that are needs to our needs and develop solutions that fits to our needs. As we are aware that IT is one of the most important segments in the Company's operations, we trust them they always help and advise us and at the end they realized our solution.


MAPREL, programming and electronics, with their knowledge and years of experience have made us a great help in "low-level" programming they advice us in the selection of the most suitable hardware and provide support for complex projects.


The company is engaged in developing high-tech solutions in the fields of electronics, with its expertise to advise us in selecting the appropriate solutions, materials for the construction of DS systems, preparing us electronics which in our DS systems include the interaction, various sensors, which in our systems is one of most important gradients.


The family company Magles is a company with 50-year of tradition in producing furniture on demand. Years of experience, high-quality materials and technologies allow us to design and manufacture the most complex pieces. Together with them we develop and put various sales counters 'shop in shop' and other equipment which is incorporated into our digital media.

ELPRO Križnič

Elpro Križnič is a steel manufacturer, service and electro trading company. They work in other areas of the metals industry. Together with their help of state of the art CAD / CAM software we develop products and then also bring them to life.


Coolomat Sp. z oo, is a partner from Poland, with whom we jointly develop "vending machines" Coolomat is automated electronically controlled system, adapted for storing food, which gives customers the option of taking over everyday online shoping experience.


A foreign partner, which produces various protective systems for electronic products such as electronic and mechanical security, using their solutions, and associated in our system DSMA, which offer visitors / guest interaction, buyers full security, control and simplification of informations delivery.

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